Tengami: Miiverse Stamps Location Walkthrough



Tengami Miiverse Stamps Location

As mentioned in our review of Tengami, the WiiU version of the title adds the ability to comment in the Miiverse through really well made stamps. Sometimes these objects are hidden so well that to find them you need to pay close attention to the smallest of details, very difficult operation while captured by the atmosphere and the environments that the game offers. We are here to help you find these stamps thanks to our simple guide (all pictures were taken by me during the test of the game for the review). For the guide of the whole game, we refer to the official website of Nyamyam through the following links:


Below you will find all 10 stamps location in the order they appear during the history. Since the game does not last long, we recommend you consult this guide only after the first run so that you can try to find them yourself 😉


Forest Chapter Stamps Location:

Stamp #1


Stamp #2



Mountain Chapter Stamps Location:

Stamp #3


Stamp #4


Stamp #5


Stamp #6


Ocean Chapter Stamps Location:

Stamp #7


Stamp #8


Stamp #9


Stamp #10


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